Our Story


Amber & Ash comes from two classic colors and materials: amber, a mesmerizing stone and one of the world’s original accessories, and ash, a tree revered in some cultures for its powers of protection. Together, amber and ash represent a perfect balance of the feminine and masculine; they can each be astoundingly beautiful, but are also both solid and strong in their own rights.

About Us

Amber & Ash was created when a team with extensive experience in tech accessories joined forces with a group of designers and strategists in San Francisco, California. Together we realized that, for those who appreciate style, it was difficult to find a well-curated selection of beautifully-designed, protective tech accessories that showcase seasonal colors. We decided to turn this idea into reality, and Amber & Ash was born.

Our Process

We showcase colors inspired by the current fashion season, as well as classic colors that never go out of style. For our seasonal collections, we select colors through a combination of research, color-matching, and artistic inspiration. We first review trend-forecasting sources such as Pantone and Trend Council, then, once fashion season arrives, we observe how different designers - across fashion, product, and interior design - apply these color trends in their own unique ways. We look not only at color, but also styling, patterns, and inspirations.

Pulling all of these concepts together, we develop our own color stories for the season, picking not the most dominant colors, but rather ones that will complement what’s being worn. We also choose a highly curated set of color pairs that will go with the majority of the season’s styles so that you can always find the perfect colors to match what you wear this season.

Our Products

Seasonal Color / Purposeful Design / Lifestyle Inspiration

Today, Amber & Ash offers seasonal collections of cell phone cases and accessories, as well as classics that never go out of style. Everything we design is thoughtful and intentional, blending form and function to deliver elevated experiences. Not only do we love capturing the most craveable colors, but we also prioritize construction and engineering, making sure our cases and accessories will protect and last.