Ultra Slim Fit Case [Cashmere]



A color that fits with anyone’s style, Cashmere is neither too bold nor too bland. It’s the perfect kind of neutral for any time of year. Together, Cashmere and Denim make up our Classic Comfort story.

The Full Story: Classic Comfort

For classic comfort, there’s nothing like pulling on your favorite denim and your coziest cashmere sweater. They work well alone or accented with almost any other color.


Amber & Ash phone cases offer the perfect balance of slim fit and robust protection, built with precise engineering while maintaining beautiful design.

  • Wrap-Around form - protects all sides and is designed to allow for easy on and off
  • Two Levels of Shock Protection - outer layer deflects impact and resists abrasion, inner layer absorbs harsh shocks and cushions phone
  • Lightweight, Sleek Form - complements your device
  • Slip-Proof Polymer Shell - easily slides in and out of pockets without catching