Wine About It - Happy National Wine Day!

Happy National Wine Day! Not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day, pour a glass of your favorite wine on May 25 to participate in this fun and fancy "holiday".  When our ancient ancestors in the Fertile Crescent mistakenly fermented their grapes into wine more than 7,000 years ago, little did they know that this fruit-based alcoholic beverage would bring inebriated joy to billions of people over the course of millennia.  The purpose of this day is very simple. It’s a day to buy wine, appreciate wine and enjoy the history of wine and we have the perfect way for you to celebrate that doesn't even involve drinking, with our "wine about it" iPhone case. From our Eclectic Pop Collection, Burgundy Wine is rich, lush, and evocative, making it the ideal color to pair with both dark fall hues or vivid splashes of brightness. Regardless of whether you prefer red, white, pinot, or cabernet, everyone can appreciate today’s celebration. 

Inspired by fashion must-haves, the Capsule Collection is our set of the most versatile colors that never go out of style. Understated and always in good taste, there’s something for everyone, in any season. Amber & Ash phone cases offer the perfect balance of slim fit and robust protection, built with precise engineering while maintaining beautiful design. Shop now on our website under the 'cases' tab or 'capsule collection' tab while you're out wine tasting this weekend, happy shopping!

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