Tips for Taking the Perfect Pet Selfie

Ever try to pose for a selfie with your precious fuzz baby only to have them squirm out of focus at the last second? It’s infuriating to keep trying and trying until you get it just right. We are taking some of the guesswork out of the process and researched what professional photographers have to say about capturing that perfect moment.


Don’t Force a Selfie

It’s better to pose with your pet rather than try to push him or her into the frame. If your pet is laying on the floor, then lay down next to him and find a natural position for both of you. If you try and force a selfie, you won’t get a great picture, instead, adjust and relax to where your pet is chillin’ and wait for the perfect moment.


Trick with Treats

Once you are both comfortable, slip a treat between your phone holding hand and the phone itself. Let it peek out a little so your fuzz buddy can see and smell it and is very interested in staring in its direction. Or you can actually tape the treat to your phone if that’s easier.


Favorite Toy

If your pet isn’t motivated by food then get some help and have someone hold their favorite toy above your cell phone. It’s okay to ask for help in getting the selfie just right.


Make It Quick

Pets have a short attention span so work quickly when you have their attention because it won’t last. Once you’ve got your fuzz baby’s attention, you need to work fast. The best thing you can do to make sure your pet is calm is to make sure they have gotten some good exercise because it’s much easier to keep their attention if they are relaxed instead of anxious for a walkie.


Lighting and Shade

Finding perfect shade is just as important as finding the right light. The best time of day to shoot outside is about an hour before the sun sets because the sun isn’t too harsh directly above and the light creates a warmer glow. Remember to turn the flash off because it might startle the fuzz.


Eye Level

The most flattering angle to hold your phone is at eye level. Of course, you want your pet to look fabulous, but you are in the selfie too right?


Exposure Button

If you hold down your phone’s exposure button you can rapid fire off 20 or so images and then you can take your pick of amazing images. Patience is a virtue and it may take a while to get the perfect shot.

Now Get ready for the "loves” to roll in!

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