The Perfect Accessory for Summer - Amber & Ash Strap Stand Wallet Case

Let the adventures begin. This summer don’t get caught with a bulky bag that you have to carry around everywhere with you. Stick with the simplicity of the strap stand wallet that allows you to carry only the necessities you need and hold it while taking the perfect selfie without fear that you will drop it. It’s perfect to set up on hard surfaces to watch tutorial videos or scroll through your Instagram feed.

The Amber & Ash Strap Stand Wallet Case is the perfect phone carrying solution for your active lifestyle. Combining a simple, clean design with a high degree of utility, this case has you covered. An innovative strap that can be used to wrap around your hand for carrying protection or loop around objects while stationary or on-the-go also doubles as a stable kickstand that can be used in three viewing angles.

The strap also has a hidden safety feature: a reflective panel that improves visibility when you’re out at night. Integrated magnets make the strap secure while remaining easy to open and close. To top it off, this case also features a hidden, protected card slot that gives you easy access to a single card.

You’ll start to wonder why you went your whole life without a strap stand wallet! Shop now through the Amber & Ash website or on Amazon!

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