The New Apple Credit Card - Needs Amber & Ash

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“A new kind of credit card. Created by Apple, not a bank.” “It represents all the things Apple stands for. Like simplicity, transparency, and privacy.” “Apple Card can do things no other credit card can do.” 

Apple announced the Apple Card in March and promised “the most significant change in credit card experience in 50 years.” The card, which became available to US customers on Tuesday, is issued through Goldman Sach and runs on Mastercard’s Network. The credit card has the classic Apple look; it’s white, made of titanium, and has a minimalistic design. At its launch event, Apple put major emphasis on the “beautiful” look of the card.

Mobile payments are the future and our Apple accessories complement the new credit card perfectly. Apple is warning customers as to where they should keep their cards, and they let you know to keep it away from leather and denim because it can get scratched. They also warn you to clean it with a microfiber towel and not household products, because again it could be scratched. Apple also advises against placing the card in a wallet slot that already has a different credit card, which is no problem for the Strap Stand Wallet Case with Amber and Ash because of the one card slot that can isolate your credit card and keep it safe.

Available on Amazon and retails for $15.99 comes in 4 different colors for both men and women. Order it soon to accompany your brand new credit card!

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