The Denim Update 2017

As we shift gears from 2016 to 2017, we reflect on our year in style and aim to simplify as well as consolidate.  When it comes to your wardrobe, there is no better way to mark a “fresh start” than the add and edit of one’s closet.  Maybe your style outgrew a beloved bag or evolved into an aesthetic totally different.  One staple in any woman’s wardrobe no matter the style is the tried & true, functional-yet-flattering pant: the jean.

We’re diving in to jeans for spring/summer 2017 by hand-picking styles to buy and how to edit what you already have. 

How to Edit

The Material: Jeans are all about the material.  Get rid of thin, “jegging”-type materials that not only lose shape during wear, but also give an unflattering construction. 

The Fit:  While skinny jeans are forever, designers constantly play with the silhouette.  This year, toss those tight ankle cuffs & cigarette legs.  The constricting silhouette allows you to play with accessories & styling, however it is restrictive in versatility.

The Finish:  Too much contrast can be a sign of low-quality, machine distressed jeans.  Ditch cheap-looking washes with obvious bleach and tears. Opt for a more vintage, rugged construction & detail.

Styles to Add

Wide-leg, cropped flares, 70s inspired bell bottoms:  This year is all about playing with silhouette, especially on the hem.  Boot-cut hems are also popping up everywhere, straying away from the skinny jean ankle.

3x1 W3 Split Seam Skinny Jeans J Brand 811 Frayed Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

Vintage-style Construction & Material.  Shops like RE/DONE honor iconic styles like the Levi 501 while incorporating contemporary details & reworking.

Shop REDONE @daniellemuir 

Play with Color: embrace white, ivory, and sand color denim alongside baby blues. 

The palette of denim is expansive.  Try deeper, darker washes to explore endless styling beyond the classic pastel blue.

Mother Fly Cut Stunner Distressed Mid-rise Skinnies 


Styling Skinny Jeans for 2017

Skinnies are forever ingrained in style.  For 2017, implement these styling tips for a new take on a classic:

 Pair with blazers, dusters, or oversized tie cardigans to break up tight fit.

All in the Footwear: kitten heels, Chelsea boots, minimalist heels. Stilettos paired with distressed jeans provide an element of refined chic.

Take a risk with layering: pair a shirtdress over your skinnies & add a longer jacket for modern layers.  A formal dressy top elevates your entire look from casual to weekend.

Graphic tee under a blazer for an effortless, cool-girl look.

Statement sleeves complete the silhouette with added structure

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