Now Unveiling: Apple September 2016 Event

The long-awaited debut of the newest iPhone had us wondering: what would the new color range be? Will there really be a purple shade to stand alongside the coveted rose gold? And of course, are they really getting rid of the headphone jack? All ponders aside, our questions have finally been answered. As possibly the most anticipated debut of 2016, Apple finally unveiled their new fleet of features and products that have us in the constant conflict of want vs. need. An updated AppleWatch whose GPS-enabled operating system will have you asking yourself on your next hike, “Why stop now?”.  New adhesive and seal designs to the exterior housing prevent water and dust from penetrating to the super-speed iOS10 processor, making the old bag-of-rice trick obsolete.  The new iOS10 that will have your home automated like that of a sci-fi movie.  Probably the most predictable gift of the release was that of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus seamlessly blends style with function, complete with a powerhouse 12 megapixel, dual-lens component that work in harmony to produce telephoto landscapes and portraits with a shallow depth of field.  Photographers, both professional and amateur, rejoice at the 2x optical zoom which bridges the gap from mobile phone to DSLR.  Apple focused on our love of portraiture with new camera features that will enhance and richen photos of loved ones, street-style inspiration, and even your selfies.  Capture your nighttime looks with clarity and color with a new low-light versatility.  Gone are the days when we constantly need to tap the screen to focus on outfit details or facial expressions in selfies or a group-shots, with revolutionary face and body detection. An HD Retina display means your outfit of the day will never appear the same, with a wide color capture gamut and 25% brighter screen.  The color, pattern, and texture of your garments will appear almost 3-dimensional to the point where you can almost feel the fabric through the screen.

Now that the curtain has been lifted, there is just one matter at hand: how will you protect your new phone while complementing your style? Our color collections are the best accent to your phone and fashion sense. Which color will you accent your Jet Black or Black Matte iPhone with this fall? Share your favorite #OOTD with us soon.

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