Mother's Day for Dummies


It’s the popular saying “my mother deserves the world, but I can afford a candle” when it comes to giving gifts for Mother’s Day. Your mom will always tell you she just wants a “nice day” or “to relax” but we all know deep in her heart she’d love to be spoiled! That’s just her loving mom heart talking when in reality the woman deserves a spa day filled with lavish presents.

The Amber & Ash Everyday Collection has the perfect bags to gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. This collection is designed to transition from morning until night – for every part of every day – bags that it in on the train, in the office or at school, and at happy hour. They’re made to be multi-functional, travel – optimized, and perfectly suited for mom’s dynamic life. Whether she is grocery shopping, at soccer practice or PTO meetings, or even dinner with dad we can guarantee her bag will match all occasions.

Obviously, you can fill mom’s bag with some of our recommended goodies:

Bath & Body Works – body care, hand soaps, home fragrances, etc. What mom doesn’t love to smell nice?

Day Planners – help mom keep organized with a personalized day planner just for her.

Gift cards – duh! Easy places like Starbucks, Target, Ulta, etc. Are all great places for mom to splurge a little and get her shop on.

 Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mom’s out there!

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