iPhone X Mimi Folio for Hands-Free Minimalist Lifestyle

iPhone X Mimi Folio Case

Are you the person who has to haul around everything in your purse? Wallet, keys, cell phone, Advil, baby pictures, bills the list goes on and on as it gets heavier and heavier. 

Have you ever heard the phrase “live more with less”? A minimalist lifestyle will free you up to stop gathering so much stuff and start living moment to moment without distraction. 

There are lots of ways to achieve “minimalism” but the biggest benefit is having less clutter in your life will help you achieve clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Studies have shown that just cleaning out a closet has a massive impact on our mental state and peace of mind which will affect your physical health positively.

Living with less stuff also gives you freedom and according to best selling author, Dave Ramsey, “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” 

But where do you start?

Travel Light

Traveling light can be as simple as packing your Convertible Laptop Tote for a weekend trip or getting rid of your purse all together and investing in a Folio Wallet Case that can carry just the essentials you need for the day.

  • Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Cell phone

Instead of carrying around a large handbag or purse just imagine being hands-free so you can shop and talk on your blue tooth headset at the same time.

The iPhone X MIMI Cross Body Folio Wallet Case has card slots for a debit or credit card and can be worn crossbody giving you a hands-free experience when you go for a walk, shop or walk the dog.

Extra stuff in your purse won’t make you happy.

Do you know what does?


Go Hands-Free with an iPhone X Mimi Crossbody Folio Case

The NEW Mimi iPhone X Crossbody Folio Case gives heavy-duty protection, a hands-free experience, and multi-angle views! Get $3 OFF NOW! 

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