iPhone X Review: The OLED Screen

Posted by Tracy Hammond on

It’s been 10 years since Apple first introduced the iPhone and the X (iPhone 10) surpasses all the others in quality and has undergone a major redesign.
It has been hailed as the most powerful iPhone ever made but also the most expensive at $999 for the basic 64G and $1149 for the 256G.
The screen is the first thing you will notice as it’s OLED display is 5.8 inches and super sharp. The display quality is light years ahead of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as it fills the entire front of the phone. It’s also a longer screen and looks a lot larger than the 8 Plus because it stretches up.
The iPhone X screen has clear vibrant colors that are OLED technology which makes black deeper and white blinding. It’s crisp and super clear and everything you take a picture of will look better than real life.
The new display feature on the iPhone X is an HDR playback that can show movies in Dolby Vision. So movies with explosions almost jump off the screen.
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