How to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling in the Summer

Going on vacation with your laptop is a great way to get work done or connect with others while you are “out of pocket” during the summer months. Being able to work on a Mac Book from a coffee shop or a hotel room is an amazing benefit but there are some safety best practices that everyone should follow to make sure your time away is not ruined by theft or the Blue Screen of Death from a bad fall.

It is important to keep electronics safe while traveling and protect your laptop by storing it properly and paying attention.


Keep your Mac Book or Laptop with you at all times. Do not leave it unattended in a train station or even an airport lounge. If you are traveling by car and have to quickly stop for some gas or food then bring your laptop with you or keep it out of sight.

Take it into the room with you if you are staying overnight and place it inside the security safe if you leave your room. And don’t forget to lock your door!


Everyone who travels for business goes through the same cringe-worthy drill at the airport. Take your laptop out, place it separately in the bin, shove it through and hope for the best.

The key take away here is place your laptop on the conveyor belt last and then pick it up off the conveyor belt as soon as it comes through the x-ray machine.

Never check your laptop with other luggage and always carry it onto the plane with you and prevent loss or damage.

The Right Bag

Regardless of how you of travel, you will need a good laptop bag to protect it from damage while moving.

A bag that can be carried as a briefcase and also converts into a anti-theft shoulder bag or backpack that is well made and has lots of padding and cushion is best.

The Amber & Ash Convertible Tote Backpack is perfect for travel as it also has an anti-theft luggage pass through that slides over the handles of a suitcase.

It has a large padded and faux fur lined sleeve that fits a 13-inch MacBook, Tablet or Laptop and a hidden back pocket to easily reach a wallet or cell phone.

The Right Laptop

When buying a laptop, always think about your travel plans as that is why they were created…to be portable.

Look for laptops that are lightweight, small and easy to pack and carry.

Bringing all cords, batteries, adapters, and chargers is a chore, so find a bag that has lots of pockets to keep everything organized.

Travel Insurance

Buy some insurance for your laptop from Office Depot or Staples. Policies will cover accidental damage and even theft.

Travel insurance is limited to 90 days and doesn’t pay out if the laptop is left unattended! So read the fine print before purchasing.

Best practices are to limit the amount of personal info on your laptop that way if it is stolen, the thief won’t have access to your personal information like credit card numbers, which can do a lot more damage to your bank account than just losing a laptop.

The Amber & Ash Convertible Laptop Tote has a rear shoulder strap that can easily transform into a backpack which helps you adapt to any travel situation.

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