Getting the Purrfect Cat Selfie

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How to get the Purrfect Cat Selfie
Did you know that people take more pictures of their cats to post online than their kids? WHY? Because cats are curious and get themselves into all kinds of situations that are ridiculously cute and pic worthy. Some also argue that it's the aloofness of cats that makes us want to capture their image in memes, videos, and selfies. But whatever it is, cats are undeniably the stars of the internet. 

Taking a picture with your best furry friend is not as easy as it sounds. Dogs can be bribed and set up with ease but cats are a whole other ball of wax and there are some rules to follow.

5 Minute Window
Cats have a very short attention span so plan accordingly and around their schedule. Have everything in place before you start, place, lighting, space on your cell phone so you don't have to keep deleting apps and old photos during the photo session. You only have a 5-minute window before the cat completely loses interest and walks away, so use them wisely.

Don't force it
You will end up with Grumpy cat face when you are striving for a precious angel.
So just be patient and wait for the perfect moment.

Take lots of photos
Save all of the pictures and look them over carefully. The best ones are usually not the perfect ones. And remember, funny will get more likes than cute.

Don't make kissy faces
Making a kissy face as that tends to infuriate cats. They sense your false love and will rebel against it. It's nothing personal, it's just their nature.

Greeting picture
The best and most natural way to get a cat pic who seems interested in you is getting ready before you walk in the door.Take advantage of that precious 5 minutes of greetings before your cat completely loses interest.

Food bribe
Always have a little treat to reward your fuzz prince or princess. He or she is a model after all and should be showered with treats. Hey everyone responds to incentives right? 

It's probably the best way to get your cat in a picture after the initial 5-minute greeting is over. If you see she is in a photogenic position then simply slide in there and go for it.

Sometimes it's the only way to get a purrfect picture.

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