Father's Day for Dummies

Dads can be some of the hardest people to shop for when it comes to Father’s Day. With Mother’s Day you have easy ideas like spa days, brunch, candles, etc. and you know she’ll use whatever you gift her but with fathers, you could gift them specialized golf balls and they never touch them! It also makes it very hard when your dad isn’t into things like golfing, boating, hunting so they can’t disappear for the day and they probably don’t want to do brunch like mom.


Over the years many companies have tried to pioneer Father’s Day with watches and cologne and whatnot, but Amber & Ash has created the most versatile backpack for dads. The Everyday Backpack can hold dad’s laptop, charger, phone, sunglasses, wallet, gym clothes, etc. Everything he needs between the office, the gym, kid’s practices, and even date nights with mom. Dads appreciate items that have multiple uses to them, this backpack allows him to have multiple different reasons to use it and it eliminates having to have different bags with different purposes when he could one bag to fit all of his needs. Dads are all about simplicity and we understand simplicity but all while being stylish. Your dad may not care about the latest and greatest bag, but you will be able to rest knowing that he’s taken care of with your Father’s Day gift.


You can also pair the backpack with our Amber & Ash Strap Stand Wallet Case, this allows dad to not drop his phone while taking pictures to post on Facebook and keeps his credit card close to him at all times without misplacing his entire wallet. We know dad will be so grateful and recognize your thoughtful gifts when you get him Amber & Ash accessories. Father’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful when you have us on your side!

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