Calabasas Film Festival

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The Calabasas Film Festival welcomes avid film goers, studio executives and key players in the entertainment industry. CFF is also dedicated to honoring the future of the industry by empowering young filmmakers with a platform for outreach through student screenings and events. Now that we are back from the Toronto International Film Festival we have had many invitations to be a part of new PR opportunities and as a company, we could not be more excited to have Amber & Ash finally in more of the consumer's eye. 

This year at the Calabasas Film Festival you can catch films like Ad Astra, The Wedding Year, Long Gone By, and Ordinary Love. There is also a chance for film students to participate and be recognized by the community as well as short films for viewing on the 4th day. Our Brand Manager, Caila Sanford, and Senior Photographer/Videographer, Aria Jackson, were able to make the opening cocktail party of the festival. Among the crowd included fashion photographers, sponsors of the event, and the man behind it all Joe Fries. Some of their amazing Swag Bag sponsors included: Liveli (a sleep aid company based out of San Diego, California), Bristol Farms (ready to serve cocktails), Proud Source Water (sustainably packaged water), Quixote, and Mercedes Benz of Calabasas. And lucky for you, you still have time to purchase tickets to this weekend's movies over on the Calabasas Film Festival's website. 

Calabasas Film Festival and Amber & Ash plan to work together next year to bring something extra special to the event just like we did for the Toronto International Film Festival this past year. We are excited to continuously have these opportunities within the film industry to get even more people excited about the Amber & Ash future. Keep an eye out for the rest of the year as we continue to partner with new opportunities, you never know where you will catch Amber & Ash next!

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