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Labor Day weekend is not just the last summer holiday you can celebrate — it’s also one of the best times of the year to shop. Many retailers mark down their inventory considerably during the holiday, which is why many parents hold off until then to do their children’s back-to-school shopping. You’re likely to find deep discounts on just about everything, from clothes to books to furniture to video games.


Labor Day isn't until September 2nd, but you'll miss out on a lot of sales if you wait until then to shop. Last year, the first Labor Day sale started two weeks before the holiday itself, so look for bargains beginning in mid-August. Amber & Ash wants you to be able to take advantage of Labor Day so we are also starting our sale early as well! Beginning August 29th our entire Amazon store will be up to 25% off! Use promo code:  20AALABORDAY now through the 2nd of September. 

Other great Labor Day Sales to be on the lookout for include: mattresses, cars and trucks, travel, appliances, grills, and clothes! But we should warn you of what other professionals are warning their readers of not to buy during all the Labor Day craze Sales. You should try to avoid toys, fall clothes, and Halloween costumes and décor. The items are better to buy closer to November and Black Friday! We hope you all have a happy Labor Day weekend, stay safe, and celebrate with your families!

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