Bachelorette Monday – The Final Chicken Nugget?

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Did you miss your regular Monday night taping of The Bachelorette? Can’t believe they’d let the Warriors and Raptors really take away from our quality Hannah B. time! Even if it is Game 5.. and everyone would love to see if the Drake curse lives or not and by now we know that another game was forced, and the Warriors just barely made it out alive. Now back to what we all want! Our weekly dose of drama, Chris Harrison and Hannah B. telling him “we need to talk.”'

ABC’s The Bachelorette is in its 15th season starring Hannah Brown, also known as “Alabama Hannah”, who was first seen on Colton Underwood’s season and was not a fan favorite when announced as the new bachelorette. But as we approach mid-season it seems as if the audience has warmed up to her, the Alabama accent, and eccentric personality. The men of this season have been some of the most diverse and outstanding guys the show has cast. However, I think we can all agree that Luke P. just absolutely needs to go. He’s like a dumpster fire that we just can’t stop staring at! The fact that we have to refer to John Paul Jones as John Paul Jones every time we see him is also silly and Pilot Pete should absolutely be the next Bachelor if not chosen at the end.


The only thing we think that’s missing from this season is our Amber & Ash lipstick red accessories, we think Hannah B. could definitely benefit from using an Everyday Backpack with all that traveling she’s doing; especially being in Scotland and wherever else this season is going to take us! Or maybe a Crossbody Folio Case so she can enjoy all those chicken nuggets while mingling with bachelors and not having to worry about where her phone is. Our storefront on Amazon allows you to shop all these items easily and just know that you are Bachelorette Monday ready and as stylish as Hannah B.

We can’t wait to see who she ends up choosing, who have you picked as your final four? Jimmy Kimmel and his wife have correctly predicted 11 of the last 14 winners, guessing the last six out of seven seasons of The Bachelor and the last five out of seven seasons of The Bachelorette. Kimmel and his wife have Luke P. and Jed as the two finalists but the singer-songwriter from Nashville will end up putting a ring on Hannah B.’s hand! As for the third and fourth place, Kimmel predicted Tyler G., and Peter the pilot. Then we can start our predictions on who the next Bachelor will be, can’t wait!

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