#AAadores | Best Lips for Fall Winter 2016

Some days the process of getting one’s beauty routine together requires little effort, ranging from a rough application of a tinted moisturizer, sweep of blush, and coat of mascara will do just fine.  Other days more work goes into perfecting, sculpting, and polishing the look.  There is one staple within any woman’s beauty wardrobe that provides instant gratification: lipstick.  A pop of red can add an element of classic refinement to a more casual, relaxed outfit.  And vice versa.  A nude or neutrally muted lip can be the ideal compliment to a more eclectically saturated ensemble of print and pattern.  Lip sticks, stains and gloss will give your look an instant creative direction that will have you puckering, pouting, and all that’s in between.  Amongst heavily structured outerwear and layers of knit, the right lip color can breathe life into any fall ensemble with warmth and hue.  We’ve handpicked our favorite shades for fall, so you have one less thing to worry about this busy season. 

First up, we have Chanel’s Le Rouge in Rouge Charnel up to bat.  This vampy, romantic shade is the perfect compromise between shine and matte. The purple undertones create the deepest red, so rich you can almost feel its velvet grip.  Fitting perfectly into our Gothic Romance color story, this hue stirs up visuals of castles, corsets, and lover’s strife.  This stick transitions stunningly from day to night, with Victorian undertones of gothic romances and candlelight.

1) Chanel // Le Rouge Collection Rouge Allure Velvet Intense Long Wear Lip Colour // in Rouge Charnel // $37

2) Serge Lutens // Water Lip Color // in 5 Terre d’Ombres // $65 

Second, we have Serge Lutens’ exclusive lipstain shade in Terre d’Ombres, concocted particularly for the beauty mavens at Violet Grey, one of our beauty Bibles.  While the VG women often covet a best-kept-secret, this one’s for the public.  Like a very sheen lip gloss with a water-gel base, this tube of bordeaux magic is thinner than a gloss providing a subtle tint to the lip while defining the shape with brown varnish undertones.  The doe foot applicator and packaging simply perfect this shade of 90s moviestar nostalgia. The best part: it’s buildable.  Start with one coat for a barely there, just-ate-a-box-of-berries tint.  Let it dry and add another coat for a deeper lacquer that’s ready for some serious longwear.  Much like Chanel’s Rouge Charnel, this shade has us fantasizing about Gothic Romance in the form of brocade and lace. Pair it with our Burgundy Wine case for a vampy duo of romantic elements.

A great nude is essential for any woman, any season.  Just like our Nude case, this lip color compliments pretty much everything.  This classic lip allows you to play around with bolder color in your eye makeup, hair, or general outfit styling while not distracting from other pattern-play.  Tom Ford’s Lip Color in Sable Smoke is the ideal universal nude shade for virtually every skin tone. With peachy hues, this nude has a warmer effect than more brown-based neutrals.  The formula is both decadently butter-soft but does not lack in staying power.  It lightens, it brightens, it even smells delightful.

3) Tom Ford // Lip Color // in Sable Smoke // $48

4) NARS // Audacious Lipstick // in Geraldine // $32

For more of a statement lip, NARS’ Audacious Lipstick in Geraldine is a beauty industry favorite.  This stick resides somewhere on the color wheel between reds and oranges, creating a stunning shade of coral orange-red.  With the fall/winter palette gravitating more towards neutral and dark colors, Geraldine adds a serious flourish of eccentric pop.  A muted outfit is suddenly editorial.  A casual look is immediately elevated to a daring combo of comfort and boldness. Accompany this lip with our Moss Green case for a militaristic edgy look that blends combat with graphic elements. This highly pigmented lipstick is bright, warm, and creamy creating a luminous finish that is entirely opaque.  The formula is creamy and moisturizes lips over seriously long use.  Dare to be bold with NARS’ Geraldine proving that style risks can still be vibrant yet extremely wearable.

5) YSL // Rouge Volupte // in Nude Beige // $37

Finally, a pop of peony pink adds an ethereal softness to any heavily-layered Fall look. Pair this light soft pink with a structured leather or bomber jacket.  It is easy to get lost in the tailored outerwear, heavier materials of the fall & winter seasons, especially when the lack of sunshine causes your complexion to lighten a bit.  Reapply your dose of femininity with YSL’s Rouge Volupte stick in Nude Beige, while it is undoubtedly all pink.  Pair this lip color with our Rose Quartz case to celebrate Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year that instantly makes us feel all warm & fuzzy.  While the packaging screams luxury, this shade is brilliantly accessible for day and night while not overpowering the entire look.

Each shade serves a different look, occasion, and mood.  Much like selecting the right bag, sunnies, or hat for the day, lip color can only compliment and accentuate your style profile by completing the look head-to-toe.  We pick which Amber & Ash shade suits us best each day while keeping in mind seasonal weather, personal aesthetic, and of course, mood.  Go the classic route like our Rouge case for a style statement that preserves the timeless while embracing modern trends of color and fashion.  What are some of your fall picks? Make sure you sign up for our newsletter for more insider tips & tricks.  Also, share your favorite lip shades for fall with us on social so we can add to our pick of favorites!
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