4th of July Savings!

Posted by Caila Sanford on

It’s like Christmas in July! But.. wait... that’s Prime Day which is almost here too! So, it’s like double Christmas in July! But unlike Prime Day this sale will apply to all of our products on Amazon, 15% off the entire store. This includes totes, backpacks, capsule cases, strap stand wallet cases, literally everything on the storefront. We do not want you to miss out! We can't wait to see what you purchase from us! Whether it's a new convertible tote or our mimi crossbody folio case, this deal won't last forever.. sadly, we know. So be sure to take advantage of it now through July 4th right up until midnight. So while you are watching those fireworks pop off and think about how you want to be as spectacular as them with your Amber & Ash accessories be sure to use promo code: LIBERTY15 for 15% off everything on amazon.com. 

It’s okay if you missed our 4th of July sale, backpacks for the rest of the month are 20% off in preparation for back to school. So, don’t wait and be scrambling to get a backpack right at the last minute. Put your mind at ease and shop any of our backpacks with the promo code: AASTUDIES at checkout for the 20% off. Tag us in all your social media posts with our username @amberashco or the hashtag #amberashco. Happy shopping!

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