3 Easy Hikes to Participate in for Earth Day - Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is known for many things but maybe one of those things that isn't talked about very often is all the hiking options that you can find. From deep inside the hills of Studio City to Malibu to Ventura you can find some of nature's most beautiful areas. 

  1. Malibu Creek State Park

Easily one of L.A.’s best-loved hiking areas, there are 11 different hiking trails that allow you to range from 2.05-7.2 miles. Malibu Creek Traverse explores the C-shaped gorge between Rock Pool and Century Lake while McAuley Peak is a hike up the Backbone Trail that leads to a cool rock formation on a panoramic summit.

  1. The Grotto Trail

Also located in Malibu, this 3-mile trail is a fun destination for a short hike; it’s a great spot for both young and old to explore with towering boulders, dark shady nooks, and the standing water that gives the trail its name. Unlike your regular walking hike, you may get a little dirty while climbing over the rocks inside to the grotto.

  1. The Wisdom Tree & Cahuenga Park

The top of this 3-mile loop hike has a tree so photogenic it even has its own Instagram and is rumored to have been the only tree to survivor a wildfire back in 2007. Hikers wanting to extend their trip can hike up to the Hollywood Sign at the very peak while the rest have a less zealous downhill trail back to their car.


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